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The First State-Wide Marathon & Half Marathon Running Series in Arkansas!


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 How does it work?

Runners have 2 years to complete marathons and/or half marathons in different running events which have been pre-chosen based on their location, time of year, size and non-profit status.
If you accomplish this with any combination of at least 8 races from the following, you will receive a beautiful custom designed award, different from previous series. The Series is Presented by          Centennial Bank.
Runners have 2 years to complete 8 events (marathons and/or half marathons, with one trail event thrown in this time.) These are different than in previous series. The only event you can do twice and get credit is the Hogeye Marathon or Half Marathon. Register today for the Natural State Running Series.
Participates will be calculated by the race results from each event. You do not need to submit anything, unless asked.

Now Closed!

You must pay to participate in the series this time around.  That was a lot of work! $30 per person.

Please see registration button to be opened December 15.

Run the Line

February 20, 2022 – Texarkana
2023 TBA

Little Rock Marathon or Half Marathon

March 6, 2022 & March 5, 2022 – Little Rock

Hero Half Marathon

Hero Half Marathon 

October  2022 TBA

Hogeye Marathon or Half Marathon

April 9, 2022 & April 15, 2023 – Springdale
May run the Hogeye Marathon, or half marathon both years for credit!

Russ Vegas Half Marathon

April 22, 2022- Russellville

2023 TBA

Heart and Sole

September 24, 2022- Jonesboro

Team Loco Marathon & Half Marathon

 January 22, 2022  Conway

White River Marathon and Half Marathon

November 20, 2022- Cotter, AR

2023 TBA

Others TBA Soon!

Other non-profit marathons, or half marathons, 25K, or 50K TBA

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